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Xlinksoft BlackBerry Video Converter 2016.07

Converts any video into formats that are fully compatible with your BlackBerry
2016.07.21 (See all)
Xlinksoft Corporation

Since portable devices are gaining more popularity every day – and, specifically, BlackBerry phones -, more and more people need to see their PC video files converted into formats that can their mobile devices can play. BlackBerry Video Converter may result of enormous help for BlackBerry owners, as it can easily convert any video file into formats that are fully compatible with their phones.

With a nice and well-designed user interface, the program allows you to add one or more of the videos you would like to see ported to your BlackBerry and start the conversion process right away, which is perfect for inexperienced users. However, if you are a more skilled user, you can also select among several output formats, including a good variety of 3GP types, plus AVI and MP4. You can also select some audio formats, like WMA, WAV, and MP3, which means that you can also use this program as an audio extractor, saving those audio streams in formats that are also fully compatible with your BlackBerry phone. The program also includes a video editing module that allows you to customize the output of any of the listed files with four different functions - Trim, to select a part of the original video; Crop, to resize the original screen size; Pad, to select the filling method for the non-selected area of the cropped video, and Volume, to increase or decrease the volume of the original audio stream.

The program even lets you change some specific audio and video settings within the previously selected output format in case you are not satisfied with the default ones. For example, you can set your own values for the video encoding type, the bit rate, the frame rate, and the output quality and resolution. Similarly, you can set the type, the number of channels, the bit and sampling rates, and the quality of the output audio.

Finally, you can also change the default output location for your output files, both the converted video and the extracted audio files. You also have at your disposal a small media player, which will allow you to have a quick preview of your video(s), so that you can be completely sure you have added the right one(s) before you actually start the conversion process. Unfortunately, the trial version of this program only converts the first 5 minutes of the original video or half of it if its length goes below 5 minutes. To avoid those limitations, you can buy a license at a reasonable price, which would probably result in a good investment for any BlackBerry user.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Reasonable price
  • Nice and well-designed interface
  • Includes a small media player to help you have a preview of your source videos
  • Includes a video editing module that provides four different tools
  • Allows you to configure the audio and video output settings in great detail


  • Its trial version only converts the first 5 minutes of the original video, or half of it
  • The Trim option is not active in the trial version
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